Augusts Star of the month for our tutors goes to……….

Every month a Powertex UK tutor who has added an extra bit of sparkle to their step receives a reward. August’s star of the month award was very special as it went to Patricia and David Williams. And we are about to show you why with their story…..
 We were left in anticipation for the build-up which was quite frankly the worst tease, but it was definitely worth the wait. Come on you guys let us know what’s under the blue tarp!

And then we were all blown away after 2 months of hard work and weeks of teasing. We were introduced to the ‘Bride of the Forest’ .
Patricia said ‘She was created for The Brinklow Scarecrow Festival this weekend to promote the wonderful uses of Powertex. We will be having a stand on the village green as well as our bride on the Scarecrow Trail’.

She was treated with Powertex and painted using Powertex colours. Cher our mannequin was procured with the help of our Team leader and mentor Annette Smyth. The cheeky Pixie peeping out from her dress was made by Dave. The Shy Boy (Thomas Oliver) I made from clothes worn by our grandsons. Robyn and Rose the cute little bears are wearing our Granddaughters first Babygro’s. All other things came from our crafty Stash.

I think you will agree that the prize was well deserved after all the hard work that Patricia and Dave put in. Well done guys she is absolutely stunning! What a fantastic project and more proof of the versatility of the Powertex the universal medium we love! 

Dave and his wife Patricia are Level One Certified Tutors for CV21-CV23. And they produce some stunning work as you can see.You can find details of all Powertex tutors across the uk at Powertex UK Toodle pip Anna xXx

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