A fishy tale

Hello Powertex Lovers!,
I would like to share a project that I put together for Tracey and Anna’s show on Hochanda.
As you can see I have used the MDF fish that was part of a kit on the show.  It was an excellent canvas to show some of the brilliant effects that Powertex can produce.

Firstly I put the few pieces of the MDF kit together which is simple and explained on the packaging. I went on to paint the MDF in ivory Powertex to give it a base and then in certain places I adhered 3D structure paste where I wanted to add texture and dimension. 

I have been collecting egg shells over the last few weeks thinking that I would want to use them for something in the near future (as we all do with odd bits and pieces I’m sure!) and this project was shouting out for them to be used to give a scale like appearance. I broke the shells up quite small and then embedded them into the paste which held them perfectly. 
I also wanted to include some bits and pieces which would probably be found on the sea bed so I included shells, which I distressed, netting (which had oranges in from Asda!), sand and a little bottle with a message in.
Natural brown, yellow and green Bisters were used to add a base colour and then dry brushing with a variety of power colours.

Oh and don’t forget the googly eye to add a bit of fun!
It was a great project to have a play with and you can achieve many other equally eye catching results with this MDF blank canvas.
Thankyou for popping by and hope this project has given you some inspiration for one of yours that you may do. Don’t forget to save the egg shells for excellent texture!
Bye for now
Jo 🙂

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