United we stand!

Here’s the thing. So it’s a pretty fair assumption that Powertex has changed my life. I actually find it hard to remember a time when I didn’t have it in my life.


So for all those potential addicts I have chatted to at the shows over the years and have told me they bought a kit and still haven’t used it this is for you. Do it, do it, do it!

*clears throat and puts on best mummy voice* (no not the bandaged up, been in a tomb for a couple of years mummy. The ‘you’ve been told’, mummy is always right but you don’t accept it until your 20’s, ok late 30’s)


Yes I am giving you permission to make some time for you. No, I don’t want to hear you’re too busy. Do it, do it, do it!!! Yes, it will be ok still.

Give your bottle a shake and crack it open. Can you hear the world full of wonders that awaits you burst out of the bottle. Grab it by the hand, jump in and get creating, invite a friend over, heck get the kids and all the family joining in!

Once you have done this I want to see all those makes over on the Powertex addicts united page on facebook.

And yes, you can do it there is no right or wrong. Just let go….feels good doesn’t it?  Look at all these lovely pictures scattered through this blog. hmmmmm…yummy right?  Do it, do it, do it!

And if you need a little guidance or inspiration booster, cause to be honest Powertex UK hq is my favourite place as I get to pick Tracey’s brain, not quite sure she feels the same, I think I may tire her out lol. Anyhow, I do like to deviate!

Find a tutor in your area if you need guidance because joining our club is the best decision you could EVER make. Welcome to the Powertex addicts family! Toodle pip Anna xXx





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