Kanzashi Pom Pom Flower (by Anne)

Today I am sharing another of my Kanzashi flower experiments. I used Powertex to create a mini vase and to coat a polystyrene ball which I then covered with fabric and tiny silk Kanzashi flowers.

The Kanzashi flowers were made by folding tiny 15mm squares of silk to create little fabric petals.

The petals were arranged into flowers covering the polystyrene ball.

I pushed a twisted wire (coated with florist tape) into the base of a small polystyrene ball – gluing with a little Powertex. I then covered the ball with strips of Powertex treated silk and dried before adding the tiny silk flowers.

The mini vase was made with the inner card tube from a kitchen foil roll. I added pads of foil to build out the shape and covered with masking tape. I then coated it with strips of Powertex treated silk and secured the wire into the top. I stuffed the middle of the tube with cotton wool to give stability and a bit of weight. I dry brushed over the texture using metallic acrylic paint and  then covered with tiny flowers and faux gems.

I painted the little flowers with transparent Powertex using a small brush. The fine silk soaks it up easily.


  • Polystyrene ball (approx. 1.5 inch diameter)
  • Twisted copper wire wrapped with florist tape (to make stem)
  • Recycled sari silk strips (variegated greens, pinks, browns)
  • Kitchen foil card inner tube
  • Kitchen foil and masking tape (to build out pot shape)
  • Cotton wool (stuffing)
  • Faux gems and flat backed pearls
  • Acrylic paint (metallic pink) and glitter glue (green)

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