Where do you find your inspiration?

As much as we would all like to think that an idea is all our own we would be unrealistic if we didn’t admit we were influenced by the things we see, unless we spend long lengths of time shut away in a box of course! With the amount of information that is now readily available on the internet it is really easy to be inspired by other peoples work and honestly not have a clue where the idea came from but I do believe that if you truly know who’s work gave you inspiration for a piece it is polite to give the person credit for their work.

Powertex have some incredible Pinterest boards to help inspire you, we often add things that we think would be incredible created with Powertex. The piece below was inspired by an image by Monique Studio on our Mixed Media Inspiration board, have a look and see whether you can spot which one it was!

I used Easy 3D Flex with brown bister for the background. There’s a little video of the bister running along the Easy 3D Flex crackles on You Tube, I could watch it over an over again!

I the made the floral/coral shapes using Stone Art Clay and painted them with Easy Varnish and pigments. I wanted to make them nice and shiny as I thought it would contrast well with the background and I used Easy Coat Glossy to do this.

Here’s what I made, I hope you like it!

Thanks for looking and don’t forget to have a peek on Pinterest.
 Tracey x

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