Easter time and I think of eggs

But not the chocolate kind but the Powertex kind, plus Powertex eggs have no calories!
I had some medium sized Polystyrene egg shapes and was thinking about what I could do with them.
I love fantasy and whimsy stuff and decided to make a dragon egg.


To create the texture I used Ivory Powertex and started by adding Powertex PAPER DECORATION This makes a perfect texture for the egg of a dragon.
I also mixed up some Powertex with some STONE ART to make a clay, to add extra texture and give a little more height my egg.
Some texture using the Powertex clay technique, when it was almost dry I sculpted it with a pokey tool.
This is a side view of my Dragon egg
Aha, it would not be a dragon’s egg without a newborn baby dragon.
I made the baby dragon out of Polymer clay, my other passion and scraped out some of the centre of the egg and glued in my baby dragon using the TRANSPARENT powertex.
Front view, I added some real crystal chips and some glass glitter to make it sparkle.
So Dragon eggs really do exist, well they do in my shed.
I enjoyed making this one so much I made a couple more



I now have a lovely selection of Baby Dragon eggs on my mantlepiece.


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