Hats off to Powertex UK and the New Alice in Wonderland Inspired Kits

Powertex combined with Alice in Wonderland? Whoever would have come up with that idea?  The guys at Powertex UK that’s who.  And you’ve got to admit it, it’s a match made in heaven.

As anyone who has ever dabbled with Powertex will tell you, the possibilities for going with the imaginative flow are limitless.  Throw in a bit of the total other wordliness of Alice in Wonderland and you just know you are in for a roller coaster ride of creativity.

The kits I got to experiment with were the Top Hat Set, and the Tea Party Set.  Both available from Powertex UK.   

They are both the most fun ever, but being more of a mad hatter type of girl than a tea time kind of girl I have decided to show what I did with the top hat set in this blog:

I started off by painting the whole thing with black powertex, and allowing the pieces to dry separately.

I then carefully tore round some of the card shapes in the Alice in Wonderland Rice Paper. I used Powertex easy varnish to position the Cheshire Cat in pride of place on the hat.  And then placed the smaller ones over the card shapes.  I decided to have these sneakily poking out of the top of the hat.  I used some very scrappy thin lace that I had in my material stash to add some shabby texture to the hat.

Doing the feather was my favourite part.  I used Powertex Power Cotton covered in black powertex and gradually built up the strands of the feather shape and allowed it to dry.  I then used the new inteference powders available from Powertex UK to add a gloriously irredescent sheen to the feather.

I wanted the hat to be at a slightly jaunty angle, so when I was piecing it together with the hat band, I made sure not to be too accurate with my placement of the top part.

I used a nice quality piece of natural fabric soaked in the powertex to cover the band with, making sure to get lots of nice texture and wrinkles going, and again used the inteference powders to enhance this texture once it was dry.

I fished out an old bow tie I’d picked up from a second hand store ages ago, and also knew at once that I had to use a little tassle I’d been hanging onto waiting for just the right project.  I think it adds an air of shabby decadence.

I added a few stone art flowers, and couldn’t resist adding  an mdf cobweb as I very much doubt the Mad Hatter takes good care of his possessions.  I also got to use the wonderful new and very bright acrylics on the 10/6 price tag.

All in all I would say this has been my favourite MDF kit to date.  I just love the crazy funkiness of it, and the freedom to go fairly wild.

As Alice herself said ‘This is my dream – I’ll decide where it goes from here’ I wonder where your Wonderland adventures will take you?

We hope you are enjoying this new theme. Do share you makes with us over at the Powertex Studio as we love to see your creations.

You can see more of my Powertex creations on my facebook page and also my website www.artandmurals.co.uk 











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