Time to Change?

Time for Change?

It’s my sons nursery graduation today, they’re holding a picnic to celebrate and I’m trying not to be too emotional or cliché about how quickly the past four years have flown by. I’ve bought a dress for the ceremony, it’s got dinosaurs on it.

With the big step-up from nursery comes a rather large life-change for everyone in our family; school hours and term-time. Nurseries are open 7am-6pm  5 days a week, all year round and usually only close for Christmas and New Years Day which means I and many other families are then able to continue to go to work more or less without too many restrictions on their standard working pattern (scary nursery fees aside). That drastically changes with schools.

Suddenly we need to find a new work/ life balance. It seems that there are lots of options out there but only if your employer agrees, the reality is that companies are not always willing or able to operate on terms as flexible as you need.

So, what are the alternatives? Instead of trying to force your needs to fit into an employers business, why not take the wheel of the ship yourself and try some form of self-employment? 

I must point out at this point that this is NOT an MLM opportunity, you will not need to recruit your friends and family, just enjoy teaching others to use this fabulous range of products!

If you have an interest in arts and crafts (we’re not looking for the next Picasso, just a genuine enthusiasm), you may wish to consider becoming a Certified Powertex Tutor. Powertex UK are currently offering people the opportunity to train as Tutors on a two-day Business Start-Up and Fabric Sculpting with Powertex course.

You will be able to deliver quality workshops once this is completed and the course will cover the business side of everything to ensure you have a full and thorough knowledge of this medium, including working with the different colours. You will make several projects to take home and you get to keep everything you make. 
You receive lots of tips and advice about how to get started and you get plenty of ideas for ongoing workshops so you are ready to start as soon as you complete the two-day course.

You can run as many or as few workshops as you choose and it entirely depends on your commitments and current needs. There are opportunities to grow your business further if you wish to do so. This is a very exciting opportunity for anyone who wishes to start or extend their own business so if you are finding yourself at a crucial stage in life with some big decisions to make, please do consider Powertex!

Powertex UK Creative Director Tracey Evans will be hosting a FREE webinar on Monday 17th September at 7.30pm with more information about becoming a Tutor.
Email michele@powertex.co.ukfor more information or to request to join the Webinar.

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