How to make a Powertex Christmas ornament – Anna Emelia Howlett

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas


I always say in January as a joke, it will be Christmas soon. Well this is no joke we are knocking on the door of December and it will be Christmas soon! I do love me a bit of Christmas. Not all the buying presents kind. Well everyone gets hand made from me anyway. But the smells of cinnamon, orange and clove, decorating the house and being with the family.


I remember when we were little we would get out all the Christmas cards from previous years and with the pinking shears cut around the pictures to make Christmas tags for all the presents. Then the felt would come out and we would glue and sew little stockings and baubles with openings at the back for the chocolate coins to hide in. I’m not sure the chocolate survived until Christmas day though.


I thought I would share some inspiration for crafting with the young people in your life or just for yourself. Making Christmas decorations has come a long way. Especially when you have a bottle of Powertex to hand.

So I happened to have in my stash some plastic baubles but you could use Styrofoam balls or up cycle an old bauble. Stone art seems to just fit this time of year perfectly.

I wrapped a little masking tape flush with the bauble, then used bronze Powertex    liberally over the surface, adding stone art and gently rubbing and layering to get a layer of texture built up and dry brushed with red ocher powercolor.

Then I made up some stone art clay and rolled out roughly, and laid over the top of the bauble so it would sit unevenly and dry brushed with titanium white powercolor. I hand cut some holly leaves out of clay and stamped into them to give them a pattern and rolled a little clay for the berry then used a little Powertex on the back of them to stick them in place.

Then dusted the whole pudding with some of my favourite in the Secret Art loft range Limoncello Gold and a dash of Lipstick fizz on the berry for an extra sparkle.


Then I thought it would be rather fun to make ruddolf! I made him in exactly the same way on the base and gave him some clay antlers and nose, used stockinette on the ears and buttons for the eyes. And dry brushed with the same colours.

20181129_153419.jpgNext I decided it wouldn’t be right to miss out a robin and so created this little guy in the same way but just used some paper dec for the wings.


Hope you manage to put some creative time aside this Christmas and that you have been inspired to create some Christmas decorations for yourself. Do join us over in the Powertex Studio and share your work. We are a lovely friendly bunch and helpful too.So if you are stuck on a project just pop in and someone will be able to help. Happy holidays. Toodles Anna xXx Catch me over on Facebook at Rosehart Studio.

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