The Secret Art Box – January – Anna Emelia Howlett

The Secret Art Box – Powertex UK Subscription craft box – January

“We wish you bluebirds in the spring, to give your heart a song to sing”

For those of you who were lucky enough to get your hands on Januarys Powertex UK subscription box, you lucky things! I squeed a little and did a little dance when I saw the contents. If you don.t want to miss out on further boxes sign up here. I promised myself I would make some quick projects for you this time. So you are able to scratch that creative itch when you haven’t got as much time to spare.


So my mind was racing with all sorts of ideas and I am going to share a few with you. You can get so much out of this kit project wise. Here is the first I came up with.


Now I know what you are thinking hey that frame didn’t come in the kit. I have a feeling that whether you are an avid Powertex addict or you are just getting started you will have some sort of frame in your stash. If not use the layout and free hang it or create on a canvas. It really doesn’t matter what you do. There are no set rules with Powertex. But there is on thing you must have, that’s right FUN!!! This is supposed to be a time for letting go and relaxing. Setting some time aside for yourself to do what you love, crafting! And not having to do too much thinking!

So this a plain pine square box frame, I took out the glass, and I sprayed it with mahogany and brown bister. Bister is a walnut stain spray that you can get from Powertex UK. And is a great addition to your stash. So if you haven’t got any definitely pop it on your wish list.


Then I took some Ivory Powertex and mixed in a bit of the blue Powertex in the kit approx a teaspoon of each. I dry brushed the frame all the way round leaving some of the stained wood peaking through. I then mixed more blue and Ivory Powertex but a lighter shade and repeated the process. I also sanded back the frame a little, then took the blueberry pie from the kit and dry brushed a little around the frame.


 Then I took the bird shapes and cut the blue paperdec found in the kit around the shape of the bird. I had some music paper in my stash that I wanted on the other bird. I thought it quiet apt due to the song bird type theme. I coated and stuck down the paper dec onto the mdf bird with the blue Powertex. And I had some Easy coat matt (another product I would recommend adding to your stash) to stick the music paper onto the mdf shape and mixed a bit of bister granules and varnish together to make a brown stain to age the paper. You could spray it to give the same effect. Currently the bister comes in granules and spray form. So that you can make your own or have it premade in a spray bottle.


I decide that the song sheet bird should have a wing, so cut a shape out of music paper and glued on to the back of a cereal packet with Easy coat matt. To lift it off the bird I used the MDF mis-shapes they make great bumper pads to raise things off projects.


Then for the backing board in the back of the frame I used some of the lace and scrim in the kit to create texture and some Easy structure liberally scrapped across the board with a palette knife and through the super cute stencil that comes with the kit. And then coated with the blue Powertex. Dry brushed with the blueberry pie acrylic and blue curacao pigment and varnish from the kit. (I didn’t prime it, just went straight on with Powertex, but you can if you wish).6.jpg

Then I took the branch and dabbed a little of the easy structure and 3d balls on the leaves. I coated the leaves with Blue Powertex and dry brushed with golden olive pigment from the kit and sprayed the branch with brown and mahogony bister and varnished once dry. The bird house was sprayed with bister and dry brushed with Ivory Powertex. And the heart sing was created with items in my stash using the Powertex alphabet coated in blue Powertex and dry brushed in olive pigment.


I have to say I am really impressed with the new size bottle and the nozzle allowing you to easily apply the Powertex, it also makes it really easy to use a little at a time (Powertex cures with the air, so you can’t put it back into the bottle once it’s poured out). In the past I’ve had to pour out the Powertex onto my palette but the nozzle controls the flow and I simply applied the Powertex straight onto pieces of my project leaving no waste. To get all the final pieces in place I used this handy bottle with nozzle like a glue to stick everything in place. If you happen to have the transparent in this handy sized bottle it makes everything even easier to stick down in case you have any seeping through the sides, as it dries clear.




With the cute wooden free standing bird I wanted to create a really simple, quick but effective project.  I laid the bird shape on the textured paper, drew around it and cut it out. Then I stuck the paper down using the Blue Powertex. Leave to dry and take a sanding block around the edges to take off any overhang.


Then coat the whole project with the Blue Powertex, it will act as a primer, glue and paint all in one. I chose some of the feather embellishments for the tail with a paper rose. The eye is a wooden embellishment with a diamond eye all stuck down with the Powertex nothing else. Just leave to dry. Then paint with blueberry pie acrylic and I mixed a bit of the olive green pigment into the acrylic and dry brushed to finish. 




I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t create a journal. I happen to have in my stash some mini books which I have sitting just waiting to be turned into mini journals. I used the left over textured paper and used it on the front and back cover at the bottom of the book. Then I used some material from my stash at the top and the lace in the kit through the middle. I used some of the wavy yarn on the spine. The Plaster heart made a great feature for the middle of the book. All coated and stuck with the Blue Powertex and dry brushed with the blueberry pie, blue caracao and olive pearl pigment. After all these projects I had over half of my bottle of Powertex, acrylics and pigments left over for other projects! Awesome right?





With all the little embellishments left over I just couldn’t leave them out so decided to make some paperclip banners for the journal. I have created a video here as a walkthrough. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these ideas.

Do share your makes if you have been inspired in the Powertex Studio. You can find me at Rosehart Studio or subscribe to my You Tube channel and look out for more videos. Toddles Anna xXx

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