Powertex Inspiration

Tree bark

Where do you find Powertex inspiration? by Annette Smyth Do you find that sometimes your head can be so full of ideas that you have trouble choosing which one to start first. Then there are those times when you just cannot get going no matter what and it is easy to sit in that void. … Continue reading Powertex Inspiration

Shinning star for December

Wind and rain weren't going to stop this lady from spending 10 days in the cold over Christmas peddling her wares and sharing the wonders of her talent, art and Powertex with everyone. So┬áDecembers shining star award at Powertex Uk went to certified tutor Bron Jones. Well done!After 29 years in the profession, Bron has … Continue reading Shinning star for December

Product developement day at Powertex UK

It is very important to us at Powertex UK hq that we make sure we use the products to the best of our knowledge and what better way to do this than having a product development and experiment day! This was no way at all, just a jolly and play day! It takes hard work … Continue reading Product developement day at Powertex UK