Teatime in wonderland, wearing my best hat!

Hello lovely people. I hope you enjoyed the show on Hochanda and it has got your creative juices flowing. I was lucky enough to try out the project packs before the show and I have to say I really enjoyed doing them. I created the hat first as my muse was screaming at me to do … Continue reading Teatime in wonderland, wearing my best hat!

The only limit is you

I've always said that Powertex has changed my life and it's true. One of the biggest lessons I think I have taken from Tracey at Powertex UK is finding my confidence and building on it every day. You really get out what you put in. I would love to say I am just naturally talented and I … Continue reading The only limit is you

Powertex is Seriously Addictive

My name is Michele and I am a Powertex addict, I admit it. I have something of the ‘freshly converted’ about me. The slightly wild look in my eyes, inane grin and random splashes of ivory and bronze on my person, coupled with every other sentence beginning with “you could Powertex that” possibly indicate complete … Continue reading Powertex is Seriously Addictive