Wonderful Egyptian Journals

It was fantastic to be able to have the space to create a canvas when I was up at hq. But it wouldn't be a project from me if it wasn't a journal really. So here are three journal designs I put together for the Egyptian show. To start with I coated  bases of the … Continue reading Wonderful Egyptian Journals

Wonderful things Egyptian Canvas

I was super excited when Tracey told me of her plans for her Egyptian show! It was so refreshing to have a theme that suited Powertex so well. The earthy tones of the bisters and the Easy 3d flex just lent itself so well to all the crackles, depth and texture that you would see … Continue reading Wonderful things Egyptian Canvas

Walk like an Egyptian!

When we all saw the 'wonderful things' Egyptian collection bought out by Powertex Uk. It was like being at a fireworks display! The ooooo's and the ahhhhhhh's. And then when we all saw the samples together in training they just got progressively louder. I think this has to be my favourite theme so far and … Continue reading Walk like an Egyptian!


UPCYCLED CABINET TO EGYPTIAN TREASUREThis cabinet had served us well in our spare bedroom but had become redundant when we redecorated however I still loved the design and the shape of the legs so I hadn't let it go and thank goodness I hadn't because when it came to finding interesting surfaces for creating for our Egyptian … Continue reading UPCYCLED CABINET TO EGYPTIAN TREASURE