Stolen days and Powertex acrylic inks

Hello Everyone The other day I bounced out of bed ready for a morning of clearing leaves off the deck before it got so slippy that I ended up doing my Dancing (!) on Ice impression( other shows are available)!! I came downstairs to this Mmmm well that put paid to that idea so I … Continue reading Stolen days and Powertex acrylic inks

Sophies Summer Superhero Project – Part 1

Sophie's Summer Superhero Project - Part 1 Hi there I hope you are having a great summer with lots of creative fun!  I am having fun with my granddaughter Sophie and this weekend we have started on a major Powertex project.  Let me introduce you to Sophie aged 7 and a half!  [She told me the … Continue reading Sophies Summer Superhero Project – Part 1

Rainbow Unicorn Dreams!

People often ask me if I can turn their ideas in to works of art. I've never said no even if I have no idea how I'm going to create the final piece. Pushing forward, constantly challenging myself and breaking out of my comfort zones and colours, mostly produces some of my most loved work. SO....its safe to … Continue reading Rainbow Unicorn Dreams!