Northern Lights

Well here we are Autumn is almost over the dark nights are with us. I love crisp cold dark nights when I can see lots of stars twinkling in the sky after the stunning colours of the setting sun. Here in the UK there a only a handful of places where, if the conditions are … Continue reading Northern Lights

Step by Step Powertex Zombie Hand

Apart from the time my daughter made me sit through Dawn of the Dead with her, I have never watched a zombie movie in my life, but this for this Halloween I decided to embrace my dark side and have a bit of fun creating a Powertex Zombie Hand.   What I used: 1 x … Continue reading Step by Step Powertex Zombie Hand

Warwick Poppies and Powertex

  Hello there As many of you are aware, in November this year we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the the First World War (The Great War). Our county church, St Mary's Warwick, has a history of involvement with the military and is home to the Royal Warwickshire Regimental Chapel and so … Continue reading Warwick Poppies and Powertex

Who Let The Powertex Out?

 Meet Englebert, the naughty Powertex Afghan Hound   I love dogs - so was delighted to open up my Powertex Design Team package this month and find this handsome chap waiting for me. Also included was a handy stand so that my finished sculpture can be displayed as a standing feature anywhere in the house. … Continue reading Who Let The Powertex Out?

This Boot Was Made With Memories

How Powertex Can Be Used To Create A Beautiful Memorial Boot   One of the things I love most about being a Powertex Tutor are the wonderful stories that unfold as people get totally absorbed in creating something beautiful and meaningful. I have been priviliged to hear many really moving accounts of why people are … Continue reading This Boot Was Made With Memories

Keepsake Kubes – a unique way to remember…..

Hello there Our project theme this month is all about keepsakes, mementoes and lovely memories, so in keeping with that I would like to share with you my Keepsake Kube(s) .......there is an extra ‘s’ as I am sure you’ll want to make more than one!! My Kube has all the memories of a little … Continue reading Keepsake Kubes – a unique way to remember…..

Masquerade Powertex Style

Hi my lovelies, it's really great to have you here. Well this months project pack is absolutely enormous and I didn't even manage to use all of the pieces I still had some left over feathers and fans. Here is the second piece I created to inspire. Hope you have as much creating as I did. Top … Continue reading Masquerade Powertex Style

Come and join the masquerade

Well, what can I say other than Tracey has truely spoilt us with the Venetian Masquerade project pack she had put together for the month. It's such a big bundle of crafting goodies that I just had to create two projects. And even then I had some bits and pieces left over. So my first project is … Continue reading Come and join the masquerade