Adjustable Kanzashi Flower Ring (by Anne)

Today I am sharing a pretty little adjustable Kanzashi flower ring created using fine printed cotton fabric which has been treated with Transparent Powertex to stiffen and protect it. Treating with Powertex adds strength and protects against dirt. Ideal for jewellery pieces. There are lots of videos on YouTube showing Kanzashi flower making but most … Continue reading Adjustable Kanzashi Flower Ring (by Anne)

Nefertiti’s Collar

Powertex - Nefertiti's CollarHi all,  I thought it was time to share a couple of my projects from Powertex UK's recent Egyptian themed shows on Hochanda.So today I'm going to share how I made Nefertiti's gemstone collar.  Not real gemstones of course but made with Black Powertex and  3D sand.  I mixed the Powertex and Sand to … Continue reading Nefertiti’s Collar

Jurassic Tool Time

Jurassic Stencil With less than a week to go before Powertex UK is back on Hochanda (Tracey launches a super duper ODS 8pm on Wednesday 5th April) I just had to give the brand new rather gorgeous and highly detailed Powertex Jurassic stencil a try.  Honestly you seriously need this stencil in your life! Now while I will be back on air demonstrating … Continue reading Jurassic Tool Time

Powertex Jewellery Hochanda Followup

Powertex Jewellery Hochanda Follow Up Hope you have got your Powertex out and been creating.  If anyone was inspired by the jewellery designs on our last shows on Hochanda, then this follow up is for you. I have completed the pendant I demo'ed and thought I would show you the finishing stages. First I checked … Continue reading Powertex Jewellery Hochanda Followup