Shinning star for November

This months shining star award at Powertex Uk went to a tutor who has been working hard at her social media and producing some really wonderful videos of work to inspire and which included some really wonderful variety of workshops too.Without further a do, well done to Wendy Reed.   I am certified Powertex UK Tutor, I … Continue reading Shinning star for November

Octobers shiniest star

Our shiniest star of the month for October went to tutor Jill Cullum. Social media can be a massive challenge at times. It takes a lot to learn and discover the techniques to reach people. Jill made a fabulous start this month with her Instagram and the hq team felt she deserved the recognition for this.Jill … Continue reading Octobers shiniest star

The twinkliest of toes for September went to….

Did the month of September just fly by for anyone else? It was lovely to see someone with a little extra twinkle to their toes. Septembers shining star was Abigail Lagden of Curiously contrary. My she has been a busy lady and she bagged herself a fab two week residency at the Durham Dales centre … Continue reading The twinkliest of toes for September went to….

Augusts Star of the month for our tutors goes to……….

Every month a Powertex UK tutor who has added an extra bit of sparkle to their step receives a reward. August's star of the month award was very special as it went to Patricia and David Williams. And we are about to show you why with their story..... We were left in anticipation for the build-up … Continue reading Augusts Star of the month for our tutors goes to……….